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Making the change

A lot of people want to be successful, or reach, or something better, in same time living same pattern of live. We was born and programmed with one set of can be culture, believes, traditions or other way of doing things. In business in we reach limit where we want something but couldn't get it, can be viewed as your reach of the limits. By telling you that, I mean you lived already at full your believes, you reach point where you need to go after this set of your mind. You need to understand that you need start doing something differently than you never did before, or your live will be same as your parents, or grandparents or close friends...if you want same level you can stay, but majority still thinking that they could be somehow better by staying on the same level, following same live patterns every day and believing in same things as you believe now. Try to break this patter by being proactive in ordinary tasks. It needed not for someone, it needed for you, to break the pattern. Think more, talk only matter. Don t try to prove for someone something personal,...nobody really do not cares or no one will not help you to achieve your dream. I will tell you truth now...nobody not coming and not making your dream work for you. You only matter. Your dread it is your problem. With people try first to understand them...not to be understood. Do not prove something for others...Try to understand first, you get knowledge from will see one day how people...a lot of children...i mean they talk,talk,talk..but not do anything about they lives, families, they values...majority just talk. And you need to learn from it...learn how to do the things without talking. How the make people talking about they problems. I am at this stage now when I start understanding that ...ability to listen people problems, could be created to the opportunity to making your ideas work for them. People want to be ...heard...Even internet...people want to be noticed as individuals...they want to be identified by someone. As stronger you becoming as better you understand that you can convert this ability into opportunities. Help the....give the synergy....use them for your purpose. Why not. They getting they benefits, you getting your benefits. It is business. Majority of people just want to be guided....guided by the opportunity to express themselves as individuals. Give them that opportunity...take your benefits.