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Making the niche and grow

What you good at? Every business has multi products and services, but to grow the business you need to be good in something particular. That way you create your niche. You need to be the best in the world in that niche or train your skills. Over the time you will master something for your particular niche that other businesses do not have...and from that point growth usually start. You create your engine for growth, which in most cases drive economic growth for the company. If you looking for explanation how it will be, then you need start doing and live give you explanation. No other sources not exist to show you how to be the good in something or how to grow better than others. Nobody wont tell you or in most cases it is not explainable, it is different language..language of experience and errors. You must have passion or some form of internal drive. It is that feeling...when no matter what outcome is, but you are still going. And a lot of people around you can say that they have motivation, passion, drive...but...mostly they lie or do not understand what they doing. People who do the things, they just do the things. They not to much talking about it. It is they problem and they understand that nobody around wont help them. If you planning that someone will help you to grow or make you great..forget it. It is just a dream. Only you can create growth or something within your company. Other moves, will be in 99% wastage of time or money. Invest into yourself, in communications with people who already have something, invest in your education, invest time in your development. It is all needed for your business growth. You are unique after that. That how is niche created. Not to many people like you can do it. You have no choice.