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Making wrong decisions in business

Fear of loosing assets or profit in long run, can cause businesses to make unlogical decisions towards group of people who in main control of outcome from that fear. Businesses tends to believe that they making rational decision under the fear state. It is commonly used by the financial institutions, national policy and money regulation institutions. When fear arise group of businessman's or single businesses, tend to believe that they are fully understand that fear and they are in control of the situation. That is the trick used by the financial institutions, where they are already put people in situation of acknowledgement of possibility of that fear and from that point they are in control of situation. Next step usually involved businesses who start making mistakes...some sell risky assets,at cheap price and buy more stable but less profitable assets. Majority of businesses buy bonds, convert to cash, key point I want to show here that people start doing something (some moves) that benefit government or biggest key players, which one usually again feed the government and some group of people who benefit from it.