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Management style for innovation

If employee do not have innovative ideas, then manager need to act. We cant just say, that it is they problem, without explaining ourselves what is the problem and how it can be solved. Many people do not innovate, because they do not know how to do that. So management staff should support that, because it needed first for they companies. Look, if you fire employee, another coming on his place, if you not implement innovative ideas, the company will soon start decline in profit more than you fire all employees. I mean here is clear benefit that management need support innovation. Management has to build the team to share information about the ideas and new suggestions about production on the shop floor. Then management need to be open to the suggestions from the employees. To do that he need to build strong connections with everyone on the shop floor. You can not just randomly walk and saying hi to every one, and then expect innovative ideas. People wont do that. Every human need communication. So build communication first with employees to get ideas on innovative techniques and strategies. Do not discard the critique towards you. It helps to build your personality. Build an open communication team, where everybody would be not scared to exchanged they opinions on every subject. And do not forget to assign rewards for each performance. You wont having performance, without rewards.

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