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Managing projects in business

Every project has to have mission. Every day or girl involved in the project need to understand the mission of the project. Without understanding of the mission people wont be motivated. They need to understand why they are doing something. It needed to make people connections with they values, otherwise ...no matter how much you will be paying them ...they will be just performing basic functions. Team involved in the project has to see they benefits of doing this particular project. I seen a lot of projects in the companies who's managers think that they have great projects and this projects will make big money for the companies...the key thing here that it is they thinking. They didn't ask people if they interested to make for companies extra work for the same money they pay. Even if they get positive answer, then they need understand that they have army of layers. Normal people do not do the double job for the same money. They rather have idiots who don't value themselves or people who laying to them, in order to give the same performance for the same money, but they just do not want to change the job because everywhere is the same. Yes , in many companies is the same...management write good projects, but in 99% possibility no one will be not performing, because they expect people to perform without motivating them. That is reality how happens in the companies. And you know ...i do not understand the only one thing...why people...especially managers or owners of the companies...believe that something will change, if they do the things against the clear logic...logic of adequate things.

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