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Market strategy for small and medium businesses for Generation Z

Some strategies needed to be implemented to make a move from current point to the next one. Expansion of the current situation can be one of possible solutions. Expansion can be done by the selling more than currently you sell or by using new strategies to sell or manage the product your business offers. Next step can be done, if you follow someone who sell the same product and making greater revenue. You can imitate some of the strategies, maybe if you format them for your business it gives you greater results. The next step you can do it is too concentrate on the customer and to look what he wants, what quality he prefer, what he wants on top of that what you are currently have. Speak more, communicate more, ask your customer...it is your opportunity to grow...your communication and connection with him. The next thing, it is when you introduce something new on the top of the existing. It can be done by making sale at different format or putting some extra services for the existing services or by creating some benefits for the existing product. The next market strategy it is to create or expand market niche inside of your company by dividing your business on the small segments and applying different strategy for the each segment. In total if we look at the statistics for this strategies, the biggest profit you will get if you will be leader in your area of business(40%), then if you will be introducing something new on the top of the existing (30%), then if you just copy someone strategies (20%) and if you hold particular niche (10%). That how global income from businesses is redistributed.