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Marketing for business

Every business needs marketing. Customers not buy from the source, until they know existence of this source. Businesses need to know how to separate needed market segments from all market segments. No point to advertise to people who potentially driven by other values. Of course, I understand that you as the business think that your product is greatest and every market segment will be interested to see your product...and maybe buy...but I give you advice...nobody give a f..k about your product....you need to understand what problems your product solve for the people and what makes them buy your product...other answers is your illusions. Then you need to understand your strategy...at least you have something in your head what you follow in order to achieve something in business. Somehow it should have indicators. You should see the progress in marketing, otherwise it is just dreams and expectations, without clear facts. Be realistic. If you do not have results in marketing, then you just doing something what not give your business any benefits. And the answer...about when marketing strategy should give you some results...the answer is..today. If you think about tomorrow results..forget it...you just basically do not want to do this marketing,,and unlikely it will give you results. Marketing start today and results should be today, otherwise you not making business...you make excuses to not make the business.

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