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Masterclass of self promotion

If you prefer put your head down and just work, then unlikely you will get something. Maximum what you will get working like this is double amount of work with not reasonable salary. Doing something good...especially working hard, long hours and so on...for someone...will not give you that what you want from it. Otherwise...what point to wait, to being noticed by someone. More likely you need to work on self confidence, because you just acting as slave for someone. I mean...good slave. If you want to achieve something...in business...in project with someone else...you need to have a goals, otherwise someone will. So it is simple...either you using someone or someone use you. I prefer to know what I want and take responsibility for my live. Living live for someone else is not fashionable today. You can review the way you communicate with yourself, to check from which side of game you are...being used or no. Check what words in communication with other people you are using. If there are words such “maybe”, “trying” and so on, instead of “yes I am doing this”, “i am in action now” then you are more likely that type of guy/woman who do not have strong self-promotion and you are being used. To overcame this stage in self development you need to start thinking about yourself. Your actions, no matter where you are, should answer one question: “what my benefits of doing this?”. If you can answer this question 100% then do, otherwise you will be used by others in they favour. Focus more on your needs, on your wants, on your personalities. That way you promote yourself and your business. If you do something for others without fully understanding the motive of doing the things, then you are used by others. Start practising today. Start thinking about every action you do or you asked to do...why you need this? Answer yourself...how it is connected with your self promotion? If you cant answer...why you do that? You idiot? Every action in your life, should have the answer and motive. You not animal, to be manipulated by the others. You need to have questions and answers. Ask every action today...why I am doing that and how it will promote my self or my business.