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Measuring your business object performance

Every business object can be measured against performance. It needed to take control of particular process into organisation. As better you know how to control as effective process will be. To start thinking about object performance you need to decide what you gonna measure. Define for yourself object. Then define what results you are expecting from it. Before expectation of results, please measure current performance. Then you need to decide who will be measured it. As many business people knows, that they process supporters, not that smart as them, then you probably need to choose yourself or it gonna be risk to choose another person. So it is your choice who you want to measure the object performance. Then define where it will be measured and when this measurements will be taken. This will be critical stage, as you understand that as often you take the measurements, as more real time data you will be having. So create/define place and time when you will be doing that. Decide accurately what information should be taken and what should be ignored. You do not need irrelevant information. So you should create filter for process input. And then decide where information will be stored and how you will be used. Measuring the object performance is easy task in creative mind. As less creative people, as more struggle you will be on implementation. Be ready to discard people from your organisation when you see that they just following. My strategies for business who grow or want to grow. Welcome to the creative world.

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