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Naked truth

The best way to see actual worth of the company, it is ask them about they mission and compare the answer with what they actually do. A lot of companies saying that they are good in something, but when you start talking to them, you discover that they just talking. Same as your company, if you want to be the best of the best you have to understand that talking you can about everything, but actually doing something...this will be limited. If you have good company and desire to be the best of the best then you can ask your employees about your actual performance or go and see it. If people in your business wont be able to answer key points of your company mission, then either them are useless or you are doing useless staff. In both cases people has to know your company dream, if they don't, they wont let you grow. And it is not that words what you will be asking to tell you from your is that words which will be flowing from they minds...from the mouth. If you want to be the best of the company, there are no excuses. Stop making excuses, useless meetings and ...get rid of the people who lie to you how good you are. In best companies people constantly fight...fight with ideas, and they just not give you one idea and telling that this idea is perfect and your idea not...they discuss every idea... Appreciation...of you and peoples ideas ...appreciation about human existence and abilities to have the opinion...that what drive company to be the best of the best. You are part of the your business...and people who work with you part of your the culture where you wont lying to each other about how good you are...start from admitting where are you all imperfect...that how best of the best companies grow. Be naked affront of each other with your thoughts, ideas and personalities.

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