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Never be connected to the people

Look around your business live. Is that you ever wanted?...Is that people who around you is exactly what you expect?...Many people help other people for free or wasting they time,,,live...What was your dream when you was the child? In business we need to make decisions and people around us usually do not help us..instead they lower down our expectations and motivations of doing things. You have to have your live...your values...and you have to be responsible for your live. Every strategy in your business start from your action. If you still expecting someone help you, then your business will be at same stage until you start acting independently. You have goals and you make actions. That it. Nobody do not need your great ideas or your great business plan. In business people interested to make money for themselves. They do not need you. You have to understand that if you want to grow your business, you have to do it alone. Forget about family, friends, relatives and so on...if they do not have higher status than you, then they wont help you...they are stupid in that things that you are doing. Yes we have sometimes this feeling that something one day happen and our business start growing...forget it...it will never happen. Only your actions determinate business success or not success. If you do not do nothing, then expect nothing. Our brain, create variations of excuses to not to do the things...you need keep educate yourself, keep changing, reading, watching...everything what you think needed to grow your business. Never ever do not concentrate on the people ...never do not connect yourself to the people...you must to be independent. You must make your actions in live...in business. Your actions should be your actions. If other people involved in your business, they should be after your decisions, but not with your decisions. Never be connected to the people.