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Never ending success

A lot people in business think about the success and majority of them has the same framework of thinking. So what is success?...Funny, but success is not to having the same framework of thinking like everybody else. The problem of the framework is when you think like everybody around you, but little bit differently...little bit...but like everybody else ...in same time you think you doing something different...or you are different...but no...you in that framework. You know how to get feeling about success?..It is when you are doing what you like to do for long period of time and...you do not burn out. Every time when you achieve one level of success in business, or personal live...another level appear. And it goes on and on...and you do not burn out. That is how success looks like. Success is multi variable. It does not have one goal. It multi. It does not have dimension. It is inside of you. Your internal stamina. Success it is breaking limitations inside of you. Do something, that others not do. Be the leader for yourself. Be a lonely wolf inside of millions people eyes. When people start thinking that you are not like them. When people around start giving a lot of critical comments. That how success looks like. You can not achieve success being the same as others. You has to be different. And act differently. Not just talk, but act. Making your decision. Decisions what you feel you want to make, but not because thank you for that decisions or expecting you to act certain way to please them. Your decisions. Understand? That how success looks like.