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Good titles. Just to bring attention and market my article. A good strategy about the market usually require someone who do not use standard techniques in market research, because there are lot worldwide people who have the same education. Same education do not create competitiveness, it is not even create competitiveness. It is create mass acknowledgement of business techniques and tools what already has been implemented in past. But they wont work today. It is same as someone offers you training with titles “How to make million”. I bet many of people read similar likes techniques, trainings. They wont work, because no one never wont tell you best strategies and tools for low-cost. The best strategies has to be constantly developed. They has to be constantly reviewed and aligned towards market needs. It is not when you read something and making it works, it is about your personality. You need to drive your inner intuition and feelings in order to build competitive strategy. All that books, articles or video lessons, wont work. What for to speak, or write the book about how to create millions, if they just can make a millions. Education is fake. The main power and drive should be inside of you. You should try as many as possible business tricks and mistakes, in order to understand current market. The key to succeed is innovative non-existing market strategies developed by you for particular market segment. Build in yourself. Build your brand. Build new strategies. Your strategies. #motivationalquotes #entrepreneurquotes #quoteoftheday #motivation #inspiration #dailymotivation #dailyinspiration #inspirationalquotes #entrepreneur #entrepreneurs #entrepreneurship #entrepreneurmindset #entrepreneurlifestyle #business #wealth #success #successmindset #successquotes #education #startuplife #businesstips #businesscoach #businessowner #businessman