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Organisational structure for growth

Every organisation can align its structure for the growth. From strategical point of view, the the revenue and cost of production, could be converted into innovation and growth. That gives you opportunity to see new ways of doing things, otherwise your current strategy will fail as soon as other companies start producing cheaper and faster. It is usually happen within 1-2 years for every effective growth model. Lest look on your main areas of business function. They should be converted into more adaptable strategies and converted into areas which designed with opportunistic models for the new models of productions or products innovation. The business structure itself should be designed to be proactive and loose. Formal boundaries between operational units should be as less as possible and not be fixed with one operational model. Variety is the key and flexibility is drive. Control of the business should become more concentrated on the growth than today profit. This will give opportunity to expand in long term, rather than taking profit today and declining in the future. The culture inside of the organisation should be more risk taking. People should be not afraid to say what they like or do not like about the business functions inside of the organisation. And you, as the business owner or leader should have participative leadership style. Every problem what your employees or business facing, should be studied and observed by you. People inside of your business should see that you part of them, but not part of the business which makes money by using people.

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