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Past market behaviour

Some people say that if we want to understand current market behaviour we need to understand past market behaviour. Who understand past market behaviour? Some group of people called themselves scientists? If so, then why our planet still have so much poor people. Who can tell what was in past? By study different cultures, theories, history we can notice that in many cases same historical event interpreted differently in every culture. How we can predict future market behaviour, if we can negotiate properly between nations. We cant do trade with other countries, because we do not understand each other. For some nations love=love, for some love=hate, for some truth=truth, for others truth=lie. A lot of scientific books written on this subject, they all try to give best advice. Why they just cant say that they books doesn't work. We try to teach in universities from books, which is usually approved by the bunch of people who don't know what they doing. From our books, colleges, universities we usually do not bring anything valuable for society. Not to many people actually help other people, because of education. We forget that helping each other our natural state. We concentrate only on our fake word created by the group of people and accepting it is as single truth, but of course, we still thinking that we are special...or not like others. How we can predict past market behaviour, if we listen only selected group of people and believe only in main points of truth (reality) created by the people who we personally even don't know. To predict market behaviour we need to understand that in past people had different sets of mind, believes, personalities and we cant just take they behaviour/reactions and apply to the current state. Different people, have different reactions. In many cases books what teach us about past market behaviour is written to be sold. That it. It is business. No more. No one will not teach you past market behaviour, because majority of us even couldn't predict what they will be eating tomorrow. The truth is simple. There are no truth. #opportunity #businessopportunity #voiceofthecustomer #voc #behaviouraleconomics #customerretention #sixthfactor #psychographics #psychology #neuroscience #behvaiouraleconomics #neuromarketing #advertising #marketing #marketingtactics #marketresearch #FuturesFirstAcademy #insights #Derivativesmarket #macroeconomic #market #Trading #profession #midweekreversals #tradingconcept #forexia #technicalanalysis #theforexscalper #riskmanagement #forexeducation