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Paying the price

When someone buy product from your company it pays price. How price calculated, depends on your and buyers expectations. Expectations are build on imagination. Imagination creates experience and image of the product. If you understand that your product has low cost, then more likely you will sell it at low cost, because you decide so. Even if product cost millions, but you think it low cost, then you will sell it for low cost. Price comes from you. Especially if no other product similar to yours exist on the market. From buyer side will be same logic. To achieve synergy in business sale process you and buyer need to be on the same level of thinking. You can not sale product for one million to people who can not earn that million for the whole life. In order to find those people who will buy your unique product or services, you need constantly interact with different level of people, because you do not know who owns what. As you notice, you need continuously discovering opportunities within people you do not know. Do not stay only with one particular group of people. Try discover more connections within your business goal. Your business goal can be value creation, profit creation or sales increase. As you will notice during discovering process, a lot of people will be not related to your goal. You need to concentrate on your goal and create techniques to reject no-needed-time-wasted-people and create value-creation-networking. Always keep discovering, otherwise you will stay on the same level.