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People who know everything

Good performance always reflects understanding your strengths and weaknesses. Majority of us tries mostly lie themselves about weaknesses and strengths. Many of us do not even how to criticise themselves, because it is hard task and majority of us prefer to live in the dreams instead looking on the things from critical point of view. In the business we have to know knowledge. Knowledge can be for example in the areas of the strategy, finance, risks, industry, shareholders and so on. We need understand in what area of the knowledge we are weak and how to develop skills for that area. The problem starts when people think that they know everything and they are clever. You can be clever in something, but it is impossible to have knowledge in everything. The more we meet people who know everything, the more we understand inability of people to have self-judgement skills. If we meet the people in our business who say that they know everything it is mean usually that they are not study variety of the tools for business management and when you will start explaining them something, they wont take it seriously and put your business at risk, because they know better than you. That how they think. Another thing to mention is that people do not input valuable tools and methods into your business. Quality of input is low. They do not have multi-logic and ability to view the same problem from the different points of view. Lets now go deeper. As those people know you and want to earn money, because other companies who perform better unlikely to hire them, they will be telling you everything what you want to hear. So you will end up that your strategies wont work, your business not growing well and those peoples performance will be not measured. Everything what you will be having is empathy. But in business empathy is dangerous thing. As you start having empathy towards your workers, as faster your company start crashing. First it slow down in growth and second you will be always on the same level of capital. You will be not growing as normal companies grow and that people will be giving hundreds opinions why you are not growing. But they will never give you they names as the issue of not growing.

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