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Personal selling

No matter how good you are, people like your personality. Or do not like. They make decission based on they intuition. Majority of them, of your potential customers, trust non-verbal signals to buy your product. I don't know what to say about those guys wearing you know...suits, shiny rolex and so on, but I can definitely say you that people who not wear them are most professional people in the world, because they no that this attributes do not have price. By speaking with hundreds people over the world, the old business model , like personal selling, is still works. You can have hundreds people who sell your product, but most expensive and profitable customer goes only to the personalities. It is impossible to put your point of view to others people who sell your product. Potential customer feel that those people do not have trust in your product, they only interested in making money, because adequate people understand that personal relations is most safest relations for trade in business. To sell more than you sell now, you need to start thinking differently. Do you think if you do the same things every day , you will get something new? Of course not. Think differently, act differently, bring into your life some different lifestyle, or something what make you act differently...then you will get different outcome. Good or bad...it is depends on the actions. You will collaborate with yourself and learn new things during these journey. Be the someone who act according they needs, but not according other people ideas. Bring your ideas into live. Act. Try.