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Positioning the product

The idea where should be your product to present to your customers comes from idea of competition. Product should have better position than it has in competitors business. The word positioning comes from the word position, which mean in business is to have best futures of the marketing, operations, advertising, image, quality of service, attractiveness and characteristics. If correctly strategy placed and applied to the market, the positioning of your product should create new customers and drive customers from competitors. If we talk more deeply, we can notice here one algorithm what help business to grow...the new opportunity arise when you doing something new in some parts of your business. It is impossible to attract something new to the old system, because money is the power of the new technologies and processes, and to get them you need to do certain algorithms in your business to match with someone algorithms outside of your business. That is basic law of attractiveness, but in more complex algorithm, for business it is money. So rule is simple, new attracting new, such as customers, technologies, strategies. Everything work around this algorithms, even around you. Nothing comes to your old style of thinking inside of your head, until you break some barriers and start thinking on the another level of the knowledge. Same as in business. Nothing not comes more, than it is now, until business start doing something new.