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Preparing for the crisis

All business schools do not give education about how to be prepared to the crisis in business. They do not teach you how to make decision when something goes wrong. They literally cant teach it, because they do not know you. They can teach some possibilities..but, they do not know you and that possibilities only work for them. Lets start....You have idea. You know what you do in business. You execute the strategy..and something went wrong....You in panic or...worry little bit, because you are loosing money...you not expected this. Any outcome after this situation will be your experience. Nobody cant teach you that without knowing you from the birth and your business and the way of thinking. Nobody. That way you getting only experience to prepare yourself for the crisis. If you looking for life-hacks to protect yourself against this step, then close your business..and it will never happen to you. If you acting, so prepare to take outcomes. Any outcomes. Do not blame no one in this situation no matter what outcome...if you are in business, there are will be a lot situations like that, and people are watching you...as soon you start blaming, they will turn against you...people do not like weaknesses...any small weakness you show, they will hit you with double power. That how business works. If you enter that stage of crisis, work with what you have around you. Do not expect Super-Man with Super-tools to come for help you. Your competitors only can help you crash faster, but not grow, so listen they advices more, to speed up your crash. Work only in crisis with that tools what you have now. Not expect other tools. Only with that what you have now and you can use it that second when you need.

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