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Presenting your business

First impression is making you sale. It is critical to get customer positive response to the business image. When potential customer first see or getting your business, he needs to associate it with something good for him. Association depends on the culture of making decisions, depends on his knowledge and experience. If product or service is innovative then it usually takes longer, because customer needs to draw logical mind maps of association with something good for him, in order to make decision to buy. You may have multiple level of presentation of your business, rather than only one. Speak with different levels of the customers and from different cultures. Ask them want they see or want they want to see in your business. Some details you can add to your business, even if it will be not physical, such as service. Do not concentrate to much on your only ideas, you need to understand that some of them will work, or not work. Listen people by observing they behaviour. Try to negotiate...put one thing remove for reaction. Try to multi-match cultures with your business presentation. The more you match, the more people will visit you. Present always clean and tidy environment. People nowadays are more concentrated on the way you look first, rather than how you make is usually coming after. Always hold your level.