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Pricing strategy

Some companies are charge more than product cost. No one cant stop them to do so. It is important to look on product benefits before you buy the product, because some benefits doesn't cost that much with the product itself. For companies here is, in this gap of untouchable value, good opportunity to push value up. In some cases companies while advertise the product claiming that product has more futures than it is. These strategy can be used to manipulate the customer to make him buy. For example if you tell the customer that your product is last in stock and you sell it with huge discount. If you want to add value to your product you need to claim that customer can not measure. Otherwise you will fail in your claims. Claim some psychological benefits around tour product, such as buying making him happy and so on. That is another strategy. Another strategy, is high-pressure selling. It work only once and wont succeed in long term. It is when you push on customer to make them buy. All this pricing strategies are good at some extend. If you want to develop some strategies for your company, you need to develop your strategies. Usually strategies are unique for each company. If you read this, it is good base, but still you need to work on your unique strategy for the company. In my experience those strategies which is not written in books are most successful. Develop your strategy. Be unique. #laptoplifestyle #entrepreneurlife #personalbranding #marketing #business #success #motivation #sales #inspiration #boss #nevergiveup #branding #marketingtips #smallbusiness #money #contentmarketing #lifestyle #entrepreneurship #brand #millionaire #motivation #read #books #onlinemarketing #digital