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Primitive, people pleasant, perfectionist and procrastinator

We have different types of people. It possible to stereotype people, in same time do not think that you a clever. I explain. If you stereotype people, for example this group of people like that, other group of people like that, it is possible to find difference. The problem start when someone from this groups are more clever than you. Then the game starts against you. So when you stereotype, do not be stupid, as it can any time play against you. If you putting people in groups you have to understand that today it is like that, and tomorrow can be different. We have different types of people. Lets start from primitives. They are usually perform well, they know what they are doing, but they are not good team players and they are used easily by other people demanded them for help. Same as you do with them. So you decide what tasks they perform. The next type is people pleaser. This type is good to take any job...i mean they are that stupid that take any job if you offering them task correctly. After of course they getting angry, when can not perform task in time. They raise anger inside of them every task you give them, and unlikely they will say no to you, instead they just walk away from the company. Forever. Next type is perfectionist. Compared to others types, they spend most the time on the things no really needed for the job performance. They just want to be best of the best, and they not likely to listen you what you think about them. They think strongly that they know better. And they prepare to lie to you, that they agree, but second, third time they will be continuously doing the same perfect for them things. Because they know better. The next type is procrastinator. That type of person always will be doing things late. They usually never accept self-criticism. At the end of his short article I just want to say that all people at some point is good and at some point is bad. It is job of the process owner to select right people for the right task. I just give examples of the people on the job and how they can perform. Now is your choice, who you want to work with.

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