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Product as excuse for communication

Some businesses use products as the tool for communication. If you ever notice customer keep returning to that place where he feels comfortable. Some customers interact with the product owners or with the other people in that business. Customers buy a product in this places, because they want to communicate with the people. They do not need urgently this product, but they want to communicate. Therefore your business aura is important for the customers who want to satisfy basic human needs, such as group communication. Businesses who build strategy of communication around the product need to have communicative staff and communicative business owner. Price of the product should be competitive and reasonable. For these type of business, style of the trade should be adjusted over the time depending on the customer type. So need to have flexibility in trade and product is very high. This strategy also can be used as segment strategy or part of the existing strategy to make one area of business are more different and attractive for selective audience.