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Protecting yourself against failures

Any business it is risk. Sometimes is rewarded, sometimes not. A lot of people in business want to protect themselves against failures in different areas of the business, implementation, innovation, strategy, trade...The decisions to protect ourselves in business should be made slowly. High-speed decisions usually do not have to much logic, therefore every decision, what can cost in future money, no matter how good it is should be made in 1-3 days time. Ask sometimes people for help,for advice, for open. Maybe majority of people do not give you good decision about your business problems, but sometimes you can find answer in people who do not understand anything about your business and you will get good idea or advice for future. Opportunistic behaviour also can be rewarded. Sometimes you can use planning skills, they help, especially in routine., making everyday tasks less consume your time. Sometimes are something non expectable coming in your business, when you are not prepared...don't give negative reaction, because the way you react to non expectable live outcomes will build your future resistance. Accept non-expectable and work on it. Admit that non-expectable has right to be, and it is just the outcome of the overall processes in business. If you have negative outcome, then make it work with you and for you. Do not reject, because as more you reject, as more it will be exist and disturbing you. Accept it is as natural business process. And last thing to is not new and everybody can do more than you can imagine and everything around you was made by the same people as you.