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Quality level programming

How we can input and measure quality inside of our companies? The things like quality should be measured in one week performance, if you found yourself in situation where you need more than one week, then, it is not improvement and not quality. Results should be measured,,and as fast as possible. Measurements start from understanding what we are going to measure. People has to understand specific points of measurements. People should understand your language of measurements. You can not measure elephants in monkeys. When people understand your language of measurements then within one week performance should start improving, if not, then they has to explain fully why it happens like that. And it should be on your language..which one you understand...with number and facts...otherwise they do not understand or they do not want to understand. The quality level programming should be emotionally supported. People should be satisfied with the quality, otherwise it will be the stuck on the same level. When we have a lot of people either not talking about quality or talking about quality, it will lead to quality decrease. The quality programming about improving quality level to desired standards, If people just talk or not talk, it will not benefit us...we need action...and actions should be visually seen. All actions from things what we are doing should be seen without one week. That how quality should be improved and measured by the realistic actions.

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