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Quality of people in business

When we own the business and run it, we usually apply some strategies to manage. Some businesses use people, some is very small and do not use people. Quality of this strategies, in business, usually comes from people. As more people are “correct” for our business, as better will be for strategies. I seen people a lot who not really represent quality of the company, such as people who do not look after themselves, have bad lifestyles, low morale and so on. If you want to hold your business strategy on certain level and higher, you should understand that you need to put people in business who can clearly understand what you are doing, in same time you need to understand that those people should understand more than ordinary people understand. Many times I seen people in business who can not manage themselves, such as bad look, appearance, talk, internal world...and that people usually do not drive the company, they just can imitate something what they copy. Realistically you are what surround you most of time and your business is the same as you. So putting incorrect people interact with the business, affecting not only your business, but your vision of the world. You affecting by them. You start limit your opportunity, you start limit your actions, you start limitation in everything, because those environment affects you. People should exchange. For your business they should bring something valuable and you giving them back something valuable. But putting incorrect people who do not bring anything kills your business. It is affect your strategy, and quality start falling in your business, in your live, in everything around those people which one you put in the business. Start selecting more correct people who interact with you, Start more deeper looking on the way people speak, the way people interact with everyone...look on they lifestyle. I don't think that people who bite nails, drink outside the jobs, do not educate themselves after the work, do not learn new thing in live and so on...are bring any value for your business. And you need to understand that. You just wasting money on your expectations, but not on the results. Stop dreaming about expectations...look on the results. If you not getting results within one week or two...then more likely with 90% possibility, that it will stay the same. Do not fail into that trap, where you think you choose someone special for the jon performance. If no results, that mean is no results. Two weaks time gap and don't lie to your brain or do not create dreams about someone. Welcome to the reality of the business. If no performance...then bye.