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Quality systems

We all try to set some standards. Quality standards needed for companies in case if company know how to sell this quality as additional product. We cant have product and sell it lower than it is actual price. Quality give us opportunity to add additional benefits to the popular products or services. Not popular services or products, with added quality not likely will be demanded by the market. No point to add quality to the existing product if customer will not pay additional money, unless you will add this quality at your cost, by paying money from your pocket. So you have two choices...you add quality at your cost or somebody else will pay for this. Quality usually added through the people..if you producer. Employees should see the way to perform at certain level. You may have to educate them to explain why you need quality or just set the level of performance. You need to build motivation...real motivation...to motivate people,...not that motivation when you talk and everybody agree with you...when people will be understanding what they doing...when actions can be measured within one week...Not one month, but one week. The cost of implementing quality systems within each element or chosen element of the business is high. No matter how good quality system looks like for implementation...it is always will meet resistance to change. And first barrier will be you. We all brave until we at the momentum of the implementation, When things start happens, then we show real faces. There are no advice which quality system is useful or which one not useful or how to do something better to overcome barriers of quality change implementation. It can be measured only at the point when you start facing the unexpected outcomes from the implementation...at that time you will meet real you.

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