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Reacting to market changes

Market very fast in changing preferences. Business should be able to design itself that way which require less resources use for change at the shortest time. Business should understand the situation where he is at the moment. This will create ability to react to any given situation. In same time business should stay with its original mission and purpose of trading. So the history of the company and goals at the beginning important to know, before reacting to the market conditions. At the current trading state important to measure business performance with latest management practises, because it will help to align current performance towards desired performance. Important to understand the elements of the performance. It can be dome, by breaking business on the small units and monitor each unit performance. To fit the current business performance with the market change performance, need to understand how each element will be fitting and filled in market to business differentiation performance model. Need to understand what element is different and how different element is fit with another element, for example need to understand what element makes market different and why, and then how to fit your business existing element with desired element. This understanding also important to align current business model to the suggested or predicted market trends. Repeating again, it is important to measure your business model properly and understand market future model, from which elements it is constructed and how you will be measuring those models against each other.