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Real time information

A lot of business want real time informations...as latest as possible. But..they not getting. A lot of business owners do not know how to ask correct real time information and what questions should be to get this information. The reason why they need real time information it is to react quickly. But, as they do not know how to prioritise this information and priority of reactions taken for each signal, they end up with doing nothing. It is costly if set up special metrics for the each area of the business..i mean that metrics should be real time. Of course the majority of the input should be done by the people, but...format of the input should be designed to give more accurate result. In many cases when information was entered to monitor each production step it was inaccurate. Today I have only one solution. And it is trained person who visually will be monitoring each area of the business. If the business is are big, then we need to have more than one person to help us. So this person will be all day walking and taking important metrics measurements. There are will be incorrectness, but with the time this person will be doing less mistake as he will be measuring correctly visually performance in each area. The metrics can be different to measure. We can have staff satisfaction rate, product completeness rate, quality performance rate, people communication rate and so on. All desired metrics can be trained and imputed into the computer systems. The other issues, such as the way to control this metrics inputs, lets say through the cameras, also should be considered. Every step of input and how input are taken should be defined by the company owner and metric interpreter...in most cases it is you. So that is simple design for real-time information model.

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