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Reality about competition

If you read the book or someone told you about fair competition, then it will be unlikely correct, because there are no competition. It is story created by someone to make others think that we have around us fair business system. In reality competition is not exist. I do not know anyone who will share money with me..it is same in business. Who will share something for nothing. In real life businesses not compete with each other, instead they do not road to trade for other businesses. Lets try to find pathway how we can overplay other businesses. If you believe in competition just stop believing in it. Build your business your way without concentrate on fair trade for other businesses. If someone teach you how to run your business, especially if it government approved organisation, do not listen it. Build strategies your way. Do not take to much information from other people who related to the institutions such as education, books, trade meetings. If you will be to much affected by external environment, then one day you will realise that your business not growing and you stuck. And you know why you stuck? Because big institutions are more interested to suck money from you and your business, rather than provide help and education. Help and education??? I said,,,, but think why someone need to give you something for nothing. Do not be affected, and your business will grow. That is basic simple rule to overcome your competition. Make business your way. It is not your problem how and what other businesses doing. It is road to nowhere where you will stuck with business progression. Stagnation is not good for you and your business. Be yourself, build your stamina , build your personality, go towards your dream, build empire and.....do not be affected.

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