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Red or blue pill

Do you want to explain something unexplainable, and have answer to the question what do not have answer?..Well...Business systems...as the way we see, is not seen by the others in the same way. All reality what we created around our business is our mind created. Other people brain created they reality, our brain have our reality and so on...Yes we can find similar things in other businesses, in our businesses...but the thing is that everybody stupid...The trick is here, if somebody not admit that he/she stupid, then probably he is stupid. We are nothing in the business world, but in same time we are everything. Our learning process starts from the point when we admit that we are not greater or lower than somebody else. We all have limited knowledge and know less than 99%+ of all knowledge in the world. In business...you know ...we do mistakes, we do not admit that we are stupid and did that mistake...our brain creates excuses...and it is dangerous way, because that way we do not learn anything...Excuses, excuses, excuses...when we stop lying to ourselves and start working on our personalities in business. When we admit that we do not know nothing about business systems, and business systems controlled not by ourselves, but our brains. We can not control the business, because brain control us. From this point we need to understand, that brain is making us to feel certain way in business, act, speak, smile, everything...So to make our businesses higher, we need to change our brains...by giving correct information to brain, in order make the brain create new neurological chains. To change us. To make the businesses progress, we should progress...the brain made it for us, when we start talking with new people, watching new ideas, reading new books, travelling to new places....in short..putting ourselves to the new situations where our change begin. Change in business, start from ourselves, from energy of acting. I don't know what it will be, and how it will be, but we need to start for new things to change ourselves. And I will give you a small advice in business progression and how to become millionaire or higher...advice is...Nobody will not help you. Welcome to the reality. It is your world and your reality. Suffer or enjoy it.