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Reducing cost of the product

To reduce cost of the product or service we need to do things differently. Businesses should create something unique in operations, in product cost expenditure, in motivation...something what drive cost down. It should be unique for your business, because your tools of making uniqueness for your business you have within your business. I mean, for other businesses is other tools of creating uniqueness, for your is your tools in creation uniqueness. Attend, watch, read something new never seen/heard before, something with new ideas for your experience. It will help you to expand mentally. Do not try to be professional only in one particular field, because it will narrow your mind. Use and study different ideas, which is unique and not widely in use, it will help you to start your creativeness inside of your brain and will help you develop creative strategies in business. In advertising, try to be creative. Do not spend more than 1 dollar, if you do not understand about outcome. You can spend, but you need 100% see what outcome you getting from it. Test your strategies, try new strategies, discover new world from the point of different experience.