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Relationships that block growth

In business important to have healthy relationships with everyone who benefit the business, until that benefits start dictating you the way to run your business. It is possible of course to cut relationships and build new strategies, but to shift old customers into your new vision is hard job. Better to leave that segment with old customers to function as it is, and start building new segment. It is difficult will be to explain old customers your new image, that why business have multiple strategies where one strategy for one customer segment, another for different customer segment. Your environment around you, such as customers, other businesses, society already give you value. For example if you sell something, they associate your business with something. They not interested to change this value. No one not interested to change picture about your business they create in they heads. When you start changing something in your business, those people around you will be your first resistance to change, no matter how good you are. The more you attached to those people, the longer you stay on the same level without change. Do not attach your live into something that do not help you grow. Business is business. Make one segment grow, make another. People who buy is customers, not your friends. Your personal live is personal. Do not mix. Relationships in business first should concentrate on your growth. Do not think about others, they can manage themselves they lives. In business if you help, then help for money. Your time is value. You wasn't born to serve other people for free.