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Replacing customers

Lets say you have a few customers. You waiting them come back to you and placing orders. What if they not come back? You will loose your time and you will loose opportunity to find the new one. In business, better to have nice flow model when one customers out, the other customer in. Do not wait something to happen. Customer coming to you should be greater to living. It is natural when they live, or someone stay, but not expect someone act like you imagine in your mind. You wasting time. You can not predict. No-one can predict. Do not waste time, instead build model where you will be servicing existing customers and gaining new customers. You can expect some customers to come back to you, especially in your imagination, where they will give you money for free. But you can not expect someone to act like you expect them to act. Customers is customers, and they do not play your rules. Instead dreaming in your imagination, invest time in building other customers and build proper servicing model to serve existing customers. Do not wait. Do not expect someone to be as you want him to be. Stop dreaming. It is real world and real competition. Build these model into your business.