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Selling invisible

Your company has not only things which can be touched, but also invisible thing, like a service for example. Promoting your company to the outside world involve some sort of actions, techniques and solutions. The message what you send with this actions is your supporting force to sell. It has to be designed to touch customers minds and stimulate them to make a sale. The message should be strong enough to make you and people around believe in it. But first, you have strongly believe inside what you are doing, because the message supported with your energy. And if people see it is fake,then message will be discarded at beginning. The invisible message has to have difference...between you and others. In few seconds you must know answer, about why someone should choose you and not other business. And that answer has to have evidence...strong few seconds. Nobody wont be listening how great you are, or how much money you have on your bank account or your opinion about something. They don't interested in that things. In few words, ...why your business better than someone else's. Never ever while using this techniques do not pretend to be someone else...i you naturally looks like. Many people play someone else games and lives someone else lives. They want to be like someone else, reach like some else, happy like someone else, powerful like someone else....until they loose they identity. They do not know who they are, who they want to be and why they are living this live. You need to be yourself business, in family, in public, because that way you not loose to much your energy and can perform better than people who pretend (they use more energy).Be more than just business. Be more than person who sell the product or service. Be you.