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Smart money vs. dumb money

Why business exist. Because people do mistakes. Mistakes of trade, illogical loss or just ordinary mistakes which cost money. Usually people who less sensitive to stress in given situation take advantage of people who are more driven by emotions. There are no people who clever in business decisions. It is more about expressing right format of emotional intelligence and control of emotions not suitable for given situation. And people take over other people in critical situation and making money from it. At the moment if we want to beat the market and be on top of decision makers, we have to have 6 steps calculated ahead of the strongest player. But it is in fair game where all steps can be calculated in advance. Usually this 6 steps are hidden. And if someone give you opportunity presented in one step, it is not true for the whole step. #smartmoney #dumbmoney #businessdecisions #businessoportunity #businessemotions #businessinteligence