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Speaking about your business

New people, new preferences. How we know how to speak with each of them even if we have something in common. When we speak about our business, we usually speak on the language what we have learn from the similar businesses, from business culture, from our point of view. How do we know that our point of view, will be important for other people. Business has to have multi channel of marketing..of presentation to the people...of adaptable speech, for the current situations with current customers. When we introduce our business to the new customer, first...we look the place where introduction to be happen. Again, we base thinking on the self-understanding, but not understanding of other people where maybe this presentation is dependable. We invest sometimes hundreds times more in no needed activities, compared to the other company who invest hundred times less, because they have knowledge of potential customers and how to approach them. Our decision is based on our understanding.....and that understanding for the new businesses in most cases are wrong. We need to do mistakes to correct our perception of reality, in order to align our reality vision towards real reality situation. We need to stop in some cases to dreaming where simple question help better. For example instead of predicting what customer like or not, we need to ask him directly what he like or not like. Many of us like to dreaming...and it is acceptable in some situations and even help, but in same time we need to be able to switch state of dreaming to the actions. We need to act where is possible to act, because in that case when we are not act, but we are keep dreaming, we create excuses...excuses not to act. And that is wastage. Wastage of our lives, wastages of our money, wastage of our time. Ability to switch from dreaming into action is giving opportunity to do mistakes...and that brings experience....experience to move forward with corrected actions.