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Storytelling two thousand twenty

Every business has the story. If the business do not have the story, they will not survive and not increase they market presence. How it is actually happens...when you want your business to be known by others you go to the random or selected people and tell them that you are have the business. Now imagine that we have millions similar to your businesses and they doing the same with the same people which one you targetting. And most of them, from 1 million of businesses, think that they are special. What businesses more likely to stay in potential customers mind....yes...those one who have stories about themselves. Now prepare for the next step...those people who you tell your story they will be not having empathy towards you and your product, they not interested in your product no matter what you tell them. Yes, be realistic. Nowadays potential customers like that, but not like you imagine. Do not consume your time for preparation, selection of good phrases or words for speech..they not interested, no matter how good you are. That where your storytelling skills about the company should take place. Tell them who you are, what you sell and how useful is product. In 3 seconds. After 3 seconds they just listening your speech and waiting until you shut up and go home. Consistency is the key. As often you will be appearing somewhere, as more you will be going in deeper into they brains. Storytelling should be all month or years stay the are that guy, what sell that staff and your product doing these. Your story at some point will provoke those people to take action. I don't know what action that will be, but if you deliver good for them message, it should give the spark...and sale start from these point. Another reaction when they start trying to collaborate with is also reaction. Maybe they start asking question about who you are. The outcome of storytelling will be in format of the grapevine...which give you benefits later as soon as they will be ready.