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Strategies to manage time

Live is the journey measured in minute..or hours. As more we understand how we manage our time, as more effective we manage our business. When we make strategic decision about the strategy, we need to understand that it is more effective to deal with it separately from operations. Then another strategy of saving time, is focusing on the decisions, but not on discussions. People sometimes talk a lot, but they do nothing about it. Then you need to know how to measure the real value of every operation inside of your business. That way you will be able to control and make modification for every output. Next strategy is about the meetings. It is good idea to write agenda for meetings and put all issues needed to be discussed on the list. Next strategy is open talk. Do not need to hide your company weaknesses or issues during the meeting. Everybody need to know what issues company have. That will help to make the company more proactive. The next strategy is to make a adaptation of common decision-making processes and put them as standards. This will help to create up-to-date strategy and will build more market innovative decision-making business models in processes. And the last point to mention, is following...When you or your company team will make decision to implement any strategy..stick to it and do not take to much excuses...that how companies manage time.