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Strategy today and variations

So how strategy looks like. We have product strategy and growth strategy. Product strategy we need for improving overall structure cost and increase value of our product. Growth strategy we need for increasing value of our product from the customer point of view and our find new opportunities to make money. Lets look on our strategy from customer point of view. How it can give us value. Strategy can be seen here as price, but it is not the main indicator. The customer also likes quality of the product. Some prepare to pay more or less for the desired specifications....more or less quality. The product availability also plays some role...customers in some cases want to product today, so for complex products they commit to pay more for the speed of production/end point delivery. The functionality of the product another point. It usually added as part of the service in form of guarantee from you. Then the service itself can be part of the strategy. You either adding value as the addition services or servicing customer on the base line of the possibility. The brand...another strategy...can add value on top of the price, if reputation made over some period of time. Then we can look on our business from internal point of view...talking about processes inside. The innovation process can be seen today as the part of the main growth strategy. The creativity gives high price today in growth techniques. Company itself can be competitive if value of the core competitiveness correctly measured. Core strategy usually affected by skills, knowledge, training, vision, network, culture and organic growth. The main element here is organic growth. If it is not happens inside of your company, then you just stuck on some level and do not know how to grow. Always try something new every day. Do not stuck between. Either do or not do.

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