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Strategy what plays against you

Companies who trade everyday on the market know that strategy not any more exist. Companies who know today what problem is get worst faster than better. Market is very violet and if someone plan long-term strategy without shifting strategic goals, then company will start loosing money. There are no any more strategy, we have only goal as end point, and no determination of specific steps. Companies who follow particular steps fail to perform, if they not align it with the market. In your company you need to have someone who have intuition and ability to react to particular market changes. Please do not hire someone who you trust or believe that he have competency to perform this particular job for you. That is road nowhere. If you have common sense then probability that you will fail with your strategy is very high. Hire someone for strategy determination (for your company) someone who speak new things for you. You need to understand that organisations not any more in charge...they cant dictate strategy like before, because it is now dictated by the environment around your company. To understand strategy what plays against you stop thinking that you can buy all knowledge for the money. At the moment market have a lot of creative and knowledgable people who have ability to think better than someone else. Accept that you not any more in control of strategy, but in control of your strategy. And here is the point. Your strategy is your strategy, and market strategy is market strategy. How to get that together to make money for your company?...trial and run. Good luck with your strategy. #keepgoing #keepgroing #ambitious #keytosuccess #garyvee #inspirationbusiness #successmindset #bussinessmind #gogetter #mindsetcoach #millionairegentlemen #successminded #entrepreneurquotes #businessadvice #entrepreneurial #quotesaccount #quotes4you #quotesaboutlife #successtips #thinkandgrowrich #successquote #businessquotes #buildyourempire #business #unconditionalmotivation #millionairementor #quotesandsayings #mindsetcreator #lifechanger