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Structural change in business

When we need to change someone or something in business, we need to understand how we will enable the change. The culture around us usually affects the change. The culture usually shape people and to be able to make more money in business, or increase quality, then...we should somehow to make people to think beyond they limits. Usually people stick to basics and they do not want to progress. I mean a lot of them understand that, they talk about that, but only few from millions make something. So to make something valuable for your company, you should motivate people to perform beyond they limits. It is not just making something new to certain level...it is when people share that something new between them. It is formation of new relationships between people in your company. It is acceptance of new reality inside of your company. Interesting to note that a lot of business managers understand that, but only minority can push they change...and you know the biggest mistake here, that majority think that they can do it and that they are special...better to fire that type of people, because they just story tellers and waste money. Look on results, but not they excuses. To make more money and grow like a business, people inside of the business should accept that personal growth with your company is not only inside of the company, but also outside of the company. With structural change people start understanding that the world around them can be flexible and the way they understand your organisation, or other businesses can be flexible...and the way the see that world is not mean to be as it is they see, because other see different...some yes ...some not...But. The way you making things into your organisation benefit they personal development and your business growth. With structural change people grow with organisation....and you grow with people.

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