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Technology is not fit with strategy

Many businesses who getting latest technologies into the businesses expect technologies to perform some tasks. In reality what happens, is disappointment after high expectation. Technologies doesn't do your job inside of business. They can not do the job in business. They can only integrate for something new, but not replace business operations. You can buy millions of technologies but they do not run business for you. The human factor at the moment can not be replaced with anything. Technology not fit with strategy, because it is two different things. Technology is technology, and the strategy is strategy. A lot of new businesses who sell technologies promise to buy something what not be functional for your business, because if you buy technologies you should start business from beginning. And it is very risky. When you put technology in business, everything or part of the business where you put technologies, has to be rebuild from zero to fit technologies. I am not against new technologies, but people in business should understand that the cause and effect of new technologies. They should be warned before implementing new technologies. And if someone offers your business to try new technologies, ask him simple question...did you wear same shoes to understand what my business need?