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That is your real live

In 2020 rate of business failure is higher than 10 years before. Maybe it is trend like that, maybe people doing something different...everything possible. I notice that less and less people have independent opinion in business. A lot of business people can make decisions without references. We just lost the business man, instead we have copy-paste man. Usually, people who grow large businesses study they success from reflection, but today everybody copy-paste someone's strategy or opinion. Business man should act and making errors. From that errors he will be getting reflection of his actions. From this actions he will learn. Today businesses fail because they implement someone else business models or strategies, instead trying they own. So in reality, when you copy someone strategy and fail, you do not fail...it is other people failure, because that model which you copy belongs to other people. And you still do not learn anything, because you wasn't creator of this model. So what happens after...you again copy someone model...the best copy in the world for you..and you fail again...and again...and again...and again...and you do not understand that you fail someone else's models...it is not your failure. So in total you learn nothing, because you even didn't put your personality into action...your original personality...you just copy. So at the end you understand that you just another copy-paste strategy without personal opinion, without personal characteristics, unique opinion and your live...is just copy-paste.