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The Deal

When we see that big company get deal and that deal is really huge for us, we view it is as point of success. But, that is totally incorrect and wrong. Where other see success, the other people see just beginning of negotiation. Deal is not indication of something...extraordinary. We just decide for ourselves, that wealth people, like Donald Trump or Obama, are role-models for us or point of reference...or any other big wealthy companies. We just create our explanation of something...what really not exist. We usually judge something without understanding where that something comes from...what is the roots of that picture what we see..and what is hidden. Most of ordinary people see the deal, like end conclusion. For business people it is just beginning of something. Usually deal represent commitment of people working together....synergy. In many cases companies when getting deal see it is as end point...and do not develop extra performance. That why large companies getting larger, and small are not growing at all, in many cases. Because people in business ...majority of them...just want to consume...not giving extra effort back. But, it is not the problem, because for people who understand that, it is opportunity to expand they market share, as fast as that companies who do not understand are fail. The point is simple. Every deal should create synergy. And if you see that synergy is not equally generated, dot afraid to switch the cant change other company behaviour..accept the first problem as indicator.

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