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The Greater Storyteller

Business is the art of storytelling. You presenting yourself, brand, atmosphere, motive, products...all everything around your business. As more better you will put your business story in the tiny element to be understood for a second by anyone, as more attractive as brand your business will be. We breaking the imagination of the realities with storytelling..in major fake realities created by the non-confirmed facts and figures and levels of story importance. To be the next greatest story you need the beat already existing story and continue to produce the story. Your story is your business. As story going on, as deeper customer will be attached to your brand. The facts, the reality around as is not have evidence to be the greatest and only...we all understand that truth sometimes can be unexplainable...and people...around every business can feel it. Maybe you seen businesses that promise one things, but do another...from one point it is incorrect, but from another it is expression how they do things. Lets be truth wordy...what is truth and what is lie? For some people truth is lie, and for another lie is truth. And to be the greater storyteller, or businessman, we have to understand that all people around can have different point of view. They can like different ice cream, they can go different churches, they can speak another languages...but we need to accept them because we create our businesses for trade, not for showing or not showing difference across of them. We create our businesses for people, no matter who they are. And to be the greatest storytellers we need speak on they storytelling languages, we need understand they believes, values and environment around them....Yes, to understand the environment is important, because in many cases people actions are dictated by the environment surrounding them. The greater storyteller is sell more than just ordinary businesses. It is more than business....it is part of the environment and peoples lives...and people always will be part of it...part of the business...customers...it is all what converted into values for your business...into money.