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The growth

Since 2000 till 2020 number of business books remain same. About 50.000. Interesting to note, that subject and discussions are the same, but only changed is business books title. Also interesting to note that material inside, like ideas, models, suggestions are stay same, only rewritten for modern language. But since 2000 till 2020 we do not have anything new..nothing, nothing was invented in terms of the new business, new ideas. So really, when you read some books about the business today, there are no new ideas of growth. And if you will be using these ideas for growth, nothing wont happening, because usually new ideas live about 6 month..in some cases more...but average 6 month. So by using today books about the business growth, it is same, as reading newspapers..about everything but nothing for you and not about you. From one point I am happy, because it is really time for business, for you and me, to introduce something new..what never exist before. I read a lot of books, and you know a lot ideas about the business, I believe, so you know what ideas do not work. And if you know what ideas do not work, then you have opportunities to redesign then for your business or design anyway something new for your business. In same time , for people who know about business a lot, we have today a lot of people not knowing about the business itself, but pretending that they know , like bloggers and other players in every area of business on internet. If those people give advices for other people about the growth, then people who getting advice, usually going to the wrong direction. Because, it is difficult for people who do not have knowledge, to understand what is valuable and what is not valuable. So...the growth start from you. From your understanding...and motivation to learn new tools in business. But to learn you need to understand what you will be study and what source of that knowledge. Growth of your business, start from the growth of your personality. That is usually supported with everything what you have in your live, but...more important to understand what is what in your live, and what really matters for you. Try expand your borders...start doing something new everyday..like reading business books, watching business people, and so on...but not concentrate only on one subject...multidimensional knowledge is the key today in business. My dream is to live in any country where I will be doing business consulting. Not like now, mostly on internet, and mostly in England. But in every country of the world. Because I understand that I don't know nothing. And other nations..when you live in different countries, teach you think differently. They teach you to love differently, dream differently, living live differently...and the growth..start from expansion to know what you want. Only you. You know the answer.

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