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The importance of each element in business

In business no matter what story you create in your head, some other people have different stories about the same subjects as you and think it is best story in they lives, no matter what happening to them. The true story starts here...when we are in this situation with our businesses at the moment and want to change, or understand the next level, we have to understand that sometimes that stories what we do not believe, is our solutions. I don't push to make decisions, especially if they were bad for your business previously, today, but I am writing to point that those bad decisions can be good tomorrow. My point is to explain that with my theory of educational process, you need to understand, that you can not format the rights or wrongs point, because they do not exist. Today right, can be tomorrow wrong. When we learn something we tend to stick with that decisions and that it against my theory...theory of shortest cycle, when brain makes easiest decision first, to save the energy. My point to say to you here that in every situation in business you should view as the new. Yes, it is consume more energy, but...if you will be study each of your interaction no matter where they are, for example lets say strategy decisions, or management decisions, or design decision....so when you will be study each interactions separately without grouping as similar event, then you will be understanding better what each action is and how that action affects your business.

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