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The role of the leader

Many business owner have task such as watching after operational effectiveness and making deals. The danger here is when company start loosing it is uniqueness, when running after profit. Profit is profit, it comes and go, but uniqueness it is long term increasing stability of business growth. Natural growth over long term come from the leader activities, such as positioning company unique strategy on the market and choosing right balance between activities. The leader need transmit into organisation correct discipline which one manage activities into correct strategy. The biggest job of the leader stay within the discipline and move towards discipline execution. It is important to set up strategy within this discipline and setup limits or borderlines, to not cross. The communication skills should be correctly and precisely communicated across all level of business, from inside to outside. Leadership task is to set the strategy, but not to improve it. If improvements start at some parts of the business, then it usually indicate either inaccurate communications or wrong discipline execution.